Losers Wait For Things To Happen - Winners Make Things Happen

What We Do:

Songwriter Demos | Please contact me for details.
Need to showcase your song to publishers?   We can create a simple guitar/vocal or piano/vocal demo of your song using Nashville professionals.   Self-publishing? You'll need a full band demo you can pitch to producers.   We create ready to pitch demos using the same musicians who play on the hits. Need something in between?   Let's talk.

Album Projects | Please contact me for details.
We can record an entire band all at once in the big room.   If you're a band wanting your own CD to sell from the stage, we can record you, mix and master you, create the artwork and press 1000 CDs for a very fair price so the band with a regular weekend gig can quickly recoup their investment and start making extra money from the back of the room.

Full Radio Ready Productions | Let's talk about your career.
Forgive the blatant self-promotion but yes, those gold and platinum albums from Capitol, Arista, DOT and other major labels that cover the walls are all mine.   I've also done some serious independent label projects.   How serious are you?

Music Publishing | Please contact me with your questions.
I currently have my hands full working with three writers, however I do answer questions regarding publishing and pitching songs.